How do I buy Skype Credit on my iPhone? anasinder

07/19/2012 05:52

Do you like know more? How do I buy Skype Credit on my iPhone?
I was introduced to this site by another who gets skype to skype for free. I was not aware of this, i paid $13.99 received one call, was not able to make another And it was unlimited. I forgot about it, was charge for the second month, tried to cancel it, its almost impossible to contact them.
they reply no longer using this email. I say don't use it unless its free. I already contacted paypal as a dispute and to remove them, i contacted skype through this site, and i replied even though it said i couldn't,
I have had a Skype account for a few years now, but in the last 12 months or so, the service has deteriorated considerably. I use it mainly for messaging, and now posts can be very slow to appear - can be up to an hour, some never appear at all! It all seems to ghave started since Microsoft took the helm!
AVOID SKYPE!!! Pasted below is a typical email response from Skype (html markups removed). You cannot contact them by phone or email. If their boilerplate QA answers your problem then maybe you are in luck.
This is the mail system at host
I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The mail system
This company is losing service quality and they are ripping us off. If you make a paid call and it drops after 1 second, you are automatically charged for 1 minute. they never respond to customer feedback, but they always charge us. I am calling the Attorney General of the state of Illinois. This company went from being good to being bought out by, what is it; E-Bay or Amazon or such. Thieves. Sad....
Please be advised that I have tried to contact Skype regarding my account and my request for voiding my agreement with Skype. Skype has ignored all my request for cancelling the agreement with Skype ,which allows the company to charge a dollar amount from my credit card ,when the balance falls below a certain amount. For some reason Skype does not list their customer phone number and continuously ignore customers request.
They charged my credit card for a renewal without any prior notice or a contact number where I could contact them to cancel my subscription as I have no use for skype anymore. Does anyone have a number whre I contact this company?
I just experienced the same issue with skype making an unauthorized payment to my account. What I did was contact paypal immediately and opened a dispute and within 1 minute paypal stopped the payment from processing and I received a notice from skype saying that my payment had been returned. Paypal is currently reviewing the matter and is currently trying to get in contact with skype to find out what happened and why are the taking out a unauthorized payment from account. Hope that helps anyone else that has been experiencing the same issue. Paypal is the way to go
Your customer service is difficult to reach. All your features appear every time tried Customer Service.
I have Window appear every time open Skype for call. I cannot cancel small window asking me to down load Skype premium, I did that and paid for 3 months in order to get off. But can not make call or contact any one as window appears every time.What if I do not want download or after done that it comes back asking for download?
Your company Skype took funds out of my bank account without authorization. Please let me know how I can get my money back. It was a total of $79.60. I never heard of your company until these actions were done to my bank account. I want refund or i will take legal actions somehow. Your company put my account in negative twice already and I am really upset about this.
I bought a one month credit for 400 minute at 39.99 and I have been billed 16 months!!!!! Today I got a renewelconfirmation. I have been trying to get this off my credit card BUT I have my insurances ect and plus I want my money back! Help! They have no 800 # by the way. I have lost out 640.00 that I have never used!
I've cancelled Skype 4 times in the last year and a half to no avail. I spent over 1hour and 45mins trying to get my order cancelled. Today, my c/c bill comes in and sure enough is another skype service charge. I'm suing this company and they owe me BIG TIME! Skype is a rip-off and there is NO customer services at all.
Skype is a huge fraud with no customer service options to speak with a real person. I have been trying to cancel my account for 10 days without success and they charged my account for another 3 month subscription. I have filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau, but there is little they can do. I think Microsoft owns Skype, but I have had no success with them as well, just getting transferred from department to department because everyone says "I don't know why they transferred you here, Skype is not handled in our department". WHAT A SCAM!
I also purchased a monthly from Skype and they gave me only 15 days and tried to charge my card again..Fortunately I canceled it because another ruthless company was continuing charging my card without my permission. Doing business online is getting worse with econonmy..these people do not always give you a support number.
This company does not even have a proper support network or a direct dial in #. They have been charging my credit card for months now and when ever I try to click on deleting the stored payment details to avoid subsequent debits from my credit card, the site says "We're sorry. Server not working". This company is literally fooling public. Stay away from it...
Got stung by that Your subscription has been cancelled con and used the same credit card to re apply for a subscription at a increased charge. Wasted hours trying to sort it without avail. ALL I CAN SAY IS LOOK OUT SKYPE WHEN A NEW PLAYER COMES ALONG.
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